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How to receive TooGoodToGo notifications?

Kevin Lovell

Kevin Lovell

3 min read
How to receive TooGoodToGo notifications?

Have you ever found yourself eagerly waiting for a TooGoodToGo magic bag to become available, only to miss out because you didn't get notified in time? If so, we've got an incredible solution for you! Say hello to TGTG Notify, your ticket to never missing a magic bag again.

Why Miss Out When You Can Be Notified?

TooGoodToGo is all about rescuing surplus food and enjoying delicious meals at a fraction of the cost. However, due to the high demand for these magic bags, they often sell out lightning-fast. To get your hands on these amazing deals, you need to act quickly, and that's where TGTG Notify comes in.

How TGTG Notify Works

1. Sign Up for a Free Trial

Getting started with TGTG Notify is a breeze. Simply visit our website and sign up for a free trial. No strings attached – you can explore all the features without any commitment.

2. Choose Your Notification Platform

With TGTG Notify, you have the flexibility to receive notifications through either Messenger or WhatsApp. Pick the platform that suits you best, and we'll ensure you're always in the loop.

3. Activate Auto-Reserving (Optional)

Here's where TGTG Notify truly shines. We offer an incredible feature that can make your life even easier – Auto-Reserving. With this option activated, TGTG Notify will automatically reserve your chosen magic bag as soon as it becomes available again. No need to rush or worry about missing out; we've got you covered.

Benefits of Using TGTG Notify

  • Real-Time Updates: Our service sends you instant notifications the moment a magic bag is back in stock, ensuring you're among the first to know.

  • Auto-Reserve: The auto-reserving feature takes the stress out of securing your favorite bags. We'll do the work for you!

  • Free Trial: You can try out TGTG Notify for free, giving you the chance to experience its full potential before making a commitment.

  • Flexible Platforms: Whether you prefer Messenger or WhatsApp, we've got the platforms you love covered.

Join the TGTG Notify Community

Don't let missed opportunities dampen your enthusiasm for rescuing surplus food and enjoying fantastic meals at reduced prices. Join the TGTG Notify community and experience the convenience of real-time notifications and auto-reserving magic bags on TooGoodToGo.

With TGTG Notify, you can be part of the food waste reduction movement while savoring delightful meals without the stress of missing out. Sign up for your free trial today and embrace a world where you never miss a magic bag again! 🛍️📲 #TGTGNotify

Make a positive change today and enjoy the best TooGoodToGo has to offer, hassle-free.

Tired of missing restocks?

TGTG Notify alerts you to Whatsapp or Messenger to the minute as soon as one of your TooGoodToGo baskets is available!

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